Visit Sweden

Experience Northern Lights, deep-blue archipelagos, killer fashion, design and food

Our ferries to Sweden from Germany, Denmark and Latvia are the easiest and most direct way to start your Swedish adventure. Drive into the wild north for a stroll along a deserted beach, sail the beautiful Swedish archipelago or wild camp in a secluded mountain valley, far from the madding crowd.

Maybe you are more of a urban explorer suited to tramping city streets. Well then, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, Sweden's the three major cosmopolitan areas have a wealth of things to see and do with a wealth of museums, art galleries, markets and eateries. to name just a few.

Famous Maypole synonymous with the Swedish midsummer celebrations experienced all over Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia.
Summer in Sweden

In summertime, Sweden is often referred to as “The Land of the Midnight Sun” due to the sun barely setting. With long days there is an abundance of time to explore Sweden’s vast wilderness, boasting pine and birch native forests the stretch on forever, crystal-clear lakes, and snow-capped peaks in the north, Sweden possibly has the cleanest air in Europe.

Autumnal scene with a river and trees with multi-coloured leaves in the Scandinavian countryside.
Fall in Sweden

From the frozen lands up north to the islands in Stockholm, Sweden is full of history and culture. In fall time, the leaves on the trees change to a rainbow of colours, and the air is crisp, clean and clear. The land of the Vikings is one of the most visually stunning places in the world.

The famous twisting tower of the Torso building in Malmo, Sweden.

Visit Sweden’s third biggest city, the vibrant Malmö.

Located in the south of Sweden this innovative city brings you everything from 14 century history to modern dining experiences and an exciting night life.

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and it is located on the west coast.

Gothenburg, situated in a sheltered bay on the Swedish West Coast has a rich maritime history.

It's known for its Dutch-style canals, leafy boulevards and narrow pedestrian streets lined with many cafes and shops.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is located on the east coast.  It is the most populated city in Scandinavia.

The metropolitan capital of Sweden is a must visit for all those visiting Scandinavia.

Beautiful architecture, world class cultural highlights, a vibrant culinary scene and a great pulse are all waiting for you!

Snowy winter scene of a forest and a snowfield in the foreground with a bright red cabin typical in Scandinavia.
winter in sweden

In the winter, when the snows come, the country comes alive with a wealth of winter sports, from snow-shoeing to cross-country skiing and from dog sledding to snow-mobile rides, an ideal destination for the adventurer in you.

A couple of tourists reading a map and guide books while on holiday.
Getting around Sweden

Travel to Sweden by car, train or bus and visit some of the thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes, native forests and remote, wild mountains or why not experience the cultural delights of Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm, Sweden’s three largest cities, they have it all!