Gothenburg, Sweden's Maritime Capital

The Largest non-capital in the Nordics!

Gothenburg is Sweden's second largest city and was built on the Göta älv river on the country's beautiful west coast. It's a notable seaport with a rich maritime history. Famous for its canals built in the 17th Century by Dutch tradesmen. The city is lined with leafy boulevards and narrow pedestrian streets with many cafes, restaurants, bars and a wealth of local and international retailers.

Gothenburg is very green with an abundance of leafy parks in and around the city centre. Explore the myriads of islands in the archipelago off the coast by boat or visit historic forts and castles. If you are an adventurous type, there are also plenty of outdoor activities to discover, perfect for daytrippin'.

Gothenburg is a very relaxed city and most areas are easily accessed by an extensive tram system.

Avenyn is undoubtedly the most famous street in Gothenburg and runs from Kungsportsplatsen to Götaplatsen. Lined with restaurants, bars and cafes, it is the nightlife area in Gothenburg.

At the top of the wide boulevard, just outside the art museum, stands a statue of Poseidon, god of the seas, which gives the final maritime touch to the area.

Rocky outcrop with a dwelling in the Swedish Archipelago

Leave the hustle and bustle of Gothenburg behind in exchange for a day of adventure exploring the archipelago that surrounds the city.

Book and board one of the small ferries that connect the islands to the city and start exploring charming villages, secret beaches and the beautiful natural spaces, so typical of the Swedish west coast.

Looking to enjoy a spot of fishing to help you to relax? Be sure to visit Brännö Värdshus on the island of Brännö before returning to Gothenburg, it's a place well known by locals for its excellent fish restaurants!

Gothenburg's main shopping areas is Haga where you will find global chainstores and bespoke homegrown boutiques also.

If retail therapy is your thing then Gothenburg is a shopper's mecca. The city centre streets are packed full of international brand stores, department stores and independent boutiques.

Stroll along the three parallel shopping streets of Södra Larmgatan, Vallgatan and Kungsgatan to learn about Swedish fashion, unique home decor and other prominent trends.

When you're finished, visit Haga, an area of cobbled pedestrian streets flanked by two-story wooden houses, craft shops, as well as numerous small restaurants and coffee shops that make it the perfect place to spend an afternoon chilling out.

Blond woman viewing paintings in one of the many modern Art Galleries in Gothenburg.
Modern Art

Get on one of the light blue trams that run through the city to explore the modern art galleries in Gothenburg. Whether you're passionate about traditional masterpieces, avant-garde installations or just enjoy going to openings, there are plenty of exciting galleries to discover in Gothenburg.

When in the city, a visit to Gothenburg Museum of Art is a must. It's one of the finest in the country, and, in fact, third largest in Sweden. It showcases renowned collections by international and Nordic artists.

Röda Sten and Hasselblad Centre are two of the best art spaces in the city filled to the brim with old classics and modern masterpieces.

Grab some amazing, fresh, local fish at the Feskekörka fish market right in the heart of Gothenburg.
Feskekôrka Fish Market

True to its location on the western Atlantic coast, Gothenburg is famous for its fish.

In addition to visiting one of the marine-themed restaurants around the city, a stop at the fish and oyster market in Feskekôrka is mandatory on the to-do list. Built in 1874, it was an architectural experiment by the city architect Victor von Gegerfelt. He was inspired by the wooden Norwegian stave churches and Gothic stone churches. The idea was to have a room without pillars so it has a vast interior showcasing the catch of the day of local fishermen and definitely a unique and extraordinary experience.

Upstairs in the market you'll find Kajutan, a fully licensed seafood restaurant serving a delicious lunch menu and take-away, specialising in the shrimp sandwich XL. During the spring and summer season you can enjoy your meal in the outdoor dining area. The menu includes large herring plates, fresh lobster and fresh catch of the day.

Right in the heart of Gothenburg, you will find a wonderful old world funfare with a carousel.

Ready to enjoy the roller coaster rid of your life? End the day at Liseberg, a 90-year-old amusement park with over forty types of attractions and rides.

If you are visiting Gothenburg in December then make sure to stop by Liseberg to enjoy a magical Christmas experience with shows, markets and millions of lights.