Rail and Sail timetable

Please note: this is the standard rail timetable

Hook of Holland to Schiedam Centrum Transport Changes

A replacement bus service will be provided between Hook of Holland Haven and Schiedam Centrum due to planned rail engineering works which will upgrade existing services to fast tram services. Two bus services will travel between Hook of Holland and Schiedam Centrum; a direct service and one which will stop at all intermediate railway stations en route.


Please allow extra time for travel.


Coach 711: Direct bus service Hoek van Holland Haven – Station Schiedam Centrum (+/- 30 min)

  • Direct bus service: departs 4 times an hour between  7.00 – 9.00 and 16.00 – 18.00h
  • Other hours: 3 times an hour  
  • In the weekend and evenings: 2 times an hour


Coach 713: Stops at all railway stations between Hoek van Holland Haven – Station Schiedam Centrum (+/- 70 min)

  • 2 times an hour 


For more information about Coach 711 / 713 timetables please see;

Coach 711

Coach 713


More information about the Hoekse Lijn:



Customized Transport

  • Wheelchair: One wheelchair per coach is allowed. When you travel with a mobility scooter you will need to arrange special transport
  • Walkers and buggies may be taken with you if they can be folded away neatly
  • Bicycles: Travel with a bicycle is not permitted