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The best way to get from london to amsterdam by train and ferry


Important Information about Rail & Sail Tickets

The NS Dutch Railway company are not pre-selling any tickets via Stena Line until further notice. This means that customers cannot book the Rail & Sail product with Metro and NS travel as part of the ticket. For those who have booked a Rail & Sail ticket with Stena Line (prior to July) it is still possible to make this trip and your tickets are still valid. Customers are advised to buy ticket directly from the NS website or at the station directly outside our Hook of Holland ferry terminal. Please note that Rail & Sail tickets from any Greater Angelia station are still valid with Stena Line. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Timetable changes for Train & Metro Services
Greater Anglia, NS & RET are running a revised schedule with limited services. We advise you to visit the Greater Anglia, NS or RET websites for the most up-to-date travel advice.

Rail routes from London, Cambridge & Norwich to Harwich and from Hook of Holland to Rotterdam, The Hague & Amsterdam.
This is how you travel by train from London to Holland

Catch the train from any Greater Anglia Station, including London Liverpool Street, Ipswich and Cambridge, in the UK.


Arrive at Harwich International Port where you'll board one of our luxurious Superferries taking you on your superb crossing to Holland.


Disembark in the Hook of Holland, feeling refreshed and ready to travel onwards to any Dutch NS rail station including popular destinations like Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam.


Check out our great video showing how our rail and sail product works.

Rail stations you can travel from to get to Amsterdam and beyond

Our rail and sail service departs from the following major train stations, including London Liverpool Street station, in the UK and any Dutch Rail Station in the NS Rail Network.


From UK 
From Holland  
London - Liverpool St.       
The Hague
Any Greater
Anglia Station 
Any Dutch NS Rail

Looking for another station?  Head over to the Greater Anglia website for a full list of the stations our rail and sail service departs from or for more information on rail travel in Holland visit the NS Rail Website.


Unfortunately, bicycles cannot be included in our Rail & Sail Ticket Package. Should you wish to travel with your bicycle, all rail travel has to be be booked directly through the railway carrier websites. Please visit Greater Anglia for booking cycles on the UK section of your journey and NS Railways or RET for the Dutch section. It is possible to book your bicycle on our ferries to Holland but this must to be done separately as a foot passenger and not as part of our Rail & Sail Dutchflyer Package.

Please note, that bicycles are allowed on the metro, Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 and after 18:30; and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Rail & Sail timetable

For up-to-date travel information, check out our Timetable for our Rail & Sail route to Holland.

trains to Amsterdam?

Travelling from London to Amsterdam? Find answers to your questions on our FAQs page.  Rail and Sail is the easiest way to travel.