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Amending / Cancelling Bookings

Why was a fee applied to my reservation?


Service Fee for booking


This fee is applicable when booking any form of travel via telephone or in person at the port.


Travel by car/motorhome/minibus and all holiday bookings - £10 per booking
Travel by foot/bicycle/motorcycle - £4 per booking


Amendment Fee


This fee is applicable when making a change to the departure time, day or route of any one sailing. Any difference in fare will also be charged.


‘Economy’ travel by car/motorhome/minibus -  £20
‘Economy’ travel by motorcycle -  £2
'Flexi' or 'Premium' travel -  No amendment fee
Hotel or self-catering holiday accommodation -  £10
Hotel or self-catering holiday travel -  £10
Landbridge travel -  £20
Day trips by car/motorhome/minibus -  £5
Day trips by foot/bicycle/motorcycle -  £2
Third Party agreements e.g. admission tickets, day trip coach transfers -  £2
Cruises -  £2
Coach and Sail -  £2
Rail and Sail -  Amendment fees vary by service provider – please refer to the product terms and conditions


Changes exempt from amendment fees

  • Changes to passenger details
  • Changes to car details
  • Adding cabins, meals or Stena Plus to a booking


In addition any changes made via telephone or in person at the port to any booking which can be amended on our website will incur the following fees.


Travel by car/motorhome/minibus 
Travel by foot/bicycle/motorcycle  £2  


Special conditions for Hotel breaks and Self-catering holidays - Amendments can be made to a booking without charge if made within 7 days of the original booking date and provided these are made at least 40 days before departure.


Cancellation Fee

Economy' fare, day trip, accommodation, cruise, coach and sail or rail and sail travel: 100% cancellation fee. No refund is due.

'Flexi' or 'Premium' travel – minimum £3 cancellation fee per sailing – see Flexi and Premium rules for refund information. 

Service, amendment, transaction and postal fees are non-refundable


Transaction fee


A transaction fee is charged when any booking is paid for with a credit card. No charge is made for payment by debit card. This transaction fee is applied only once per booking; another fee will not be charged if the booking is amended.


Payment by credit card   £5 per booking 

Postal fee


e-tickets can be sent via e-mail or SMS without charge. This fee is applied when a customer requests an itinerary be sent by post.


All travel    £3.50

Fuel Surcharge Fee


This fee is applicable for routes affected by the new sulphur directive – English Channel, North Sea, Scandinavia.


Rosslare-Cherbourg route – charges per sailing


Travel by vehicle   £1 per vehicle 
 All travel 
 £3 per adult, £1.50 per child (4-15yrs), £0 per infant


Harwich-Hook of Holland route – charges per sailing


Travel by vehicle   £0 per vehicle
 All Travel  £2.50 per adult, £1.25 per child (4-15yrs), Infants Free


How can fees be reduced/avoided?

  • Book via the internet
  • Make amendments via the internet
  • Choose a payment method that is free i.e. debit card 
  • Book Flexi or Premium products when available