Givskud Zoo & Safari

Zoo, Safari and Dinosaurs - just 20 minutes drive to Legoland®

Drive the exciting safari in your own car and see lions, rhinos, zebras, giraffes and many more animals right out your own car window! There are over 50 different species of animals and a total of over 700. Experience the zoo on foot as well. elephants and wolves. If you like dinosaurs, you might want to check out 50 of the right size animals in the dinosaur park. In the GIVSKUD ZOO you can see the animals really close up!

An ancient woolly Mammoth in Givskud Zoo.
Back to the Ice Age

"Back to the Ice Age" exhibition is definitely worth a visit. Here you can see how mammoths and woolly horns used to roam the earth.

Family running from a T-Rex when visiting the Givskud zoo Dinosaurs.
Over 50 Dinosaurs!

Explore Denmark's largest and most popular Dinosaur Park. Here you can see over 50 dinosaurs in their natural size! Includes the largest vegetarian dinosaur up to 40 meters long and a once very dangerous predator, Tyrannosaurus rex.

Young lion cubs in the Lion Park at Givskud Zoo.
Lion Park

In GIVSKUD ZOO Safari Park, you can see lions at very close range. Drive your car through the lion park or jump on the bus to the animal park and greet the animal king.

Young girl enjoying one of the Animals up Close
See the animals up close

Get a chance to see the animals up really close. With good luck, you can help the caretakers feed the camels!


When at the zoo, it's essential to visit the Berber Apes (Barbary Macaque) who enjoy the outdoors all year long.

Mother and baby gorillas in a lush green field in Givskud Zoo.
Baby Animals

All year round, beautiful baby animals are born in GIVSKUD ZOO. It's a great opportunity to see them as you make a tour of the zoo.