Copenhagen, the essence of Scandi chic!

Relaxed, friendly, homely, cultured and forward thinking

Rated one of the best cities in the world to live and work, surely then it must be worth a weekend visit! Copenhagen is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations, not just in Scandinavians but for people all across the world. This buzzing city has a fantastic mix of people, food, activities and sights. The city is surrounded by water sitting on the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager and linked to Malmo in southern Sweden (40km east) by the Öresund Bridge epitomised by the dark, sultry TV drama "The Bridge".

Ariel view of Copenhagen, the culture capital of Denmark.
On top of the World

A recent survey found the Danes are the top nation when it comes to the work-life balance and it's widely known that Denmark has high quality of life due to multiple factors. The first thing to note is that working conditions are among the best in the world with high salaries and an inclusive welfare system, supporting locals and foreigners alike. The second factor is that, day to day living in Copenhagen is easy, an example being, everyone speaks English, there are 24-hour buses and metro lines, making commuting easy for people who work antisocial hours, and the level of crime is low.

In Copenhagen, it's not just about the bicycle city, it's one of the only cities where bikes outnumber cars and, in fact, now there's a bike traffic problem!. For those visiting the city, it's hard not to live like a local, hop on a bike and explore all that this Scandinavian gem has to offer. Copenhagen is a truly cosmopolitan place with people from all over the world visiting, working and studying.

Visit the Latin Quarter in Central Copenhagen
The Latin Quarter

Get lost in history exploring the maze of lively medieval streets and squares in the vicinity of Copenhagen University, a neo-gothic building dating as far back as 1836. Latinerkvarteret or the Latin Quarter is famous for the colorful buildings on Mejlgade street, including the 17th-century Juul’s House. Visit buzzing Pustervig Square which is home to global eateries and hip cafes serving traditional smørrebrød open-faced sandwiches, yum!

The student scene has now moved to four new campuses around the city but the area is still known for its lively atmosphere and has an abundance of boutiques, cafés and night clubs.

Kultorvet Square is where the Danish people used to purchase coal for their ovens and stoves hence why is locally known as the Coal Square. Today, the square is home to many popular bookshops and is in itself, a major tourist attraction.

Chic Danish design, admired throughout the world
Design & Fashion

The main aspects of Danish Design are functionality, simplicity and elegance. Sustainability is also crucial and natural elements are often part of the inspiration. Jewelry, fashion, furniture and architecture are the areas in which Danish designers excel.

Known globally for its sleek lines and sophistication, Danish Design first became popular in the mid-20th Century (1940s and 1950s), when the light and simple style of Danish furniture proved a good fit for the clean lines of the new International Style architecture.

Chairs, lamps, silver, glass, and textiles from Denmark were soon sought after by design lovers everywhere. Many of those mid-century examples of Danish design are now seen as art pieces and are sold for thousands of dollars at auction houses. But Danish design continues to evolve, and today beautiful Danish furniture, jewellery, and other design objects are available at all price levels.

Tourists enjoying a canal tour in Cophangen.
Canal Tours

Like many Northern European cities where waterways were constructed in centuries past, canal tours a wonderful way of seeing the city.

Many local folks take the tour to get an opportunity to see their capital from a different perspective.

Highlight of the tours include, Amalienborg Palace, Christiansborg Palace, the Copenhagen Opera House, the Black Diamond Library and obviously, the Little Mermaid.

Gent making coffee in a cafe in Copenhagen.
Nordic Cuisine

Experience the taste the New Nordic Cuisine trend spreading across Copenhagen, Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia.

Explore the reinvented Danish cuisine in restaurants all over the city serving only Danish dishes and it's true to say that there is no better place to live this authentic food experience than the city where it was invented. Sample delicate menus in renowned Michelin-starred restaurants or get cosy in local, down-to-earth eateries that serve dishes inspired by traditional Danish and new cuisine.

Festivals goers enjoying live music at one of the many festivals in Denmark.
Danish Festivals

Experience a wealth of cultural events when you visit Copenhagen which take place year round. If music, film and art festivals are your thing then you'll never get bored in the Danish capital.

The city is famous for its strong cultural scene and this makes it one of the most interesting capitals in Scandinavia. Some of Europe’s largest music festivals are held in and around Copenhagen, like Roskilde and Copenhell, which attract music lovers from all over the globe.