Stena Danica

Travel in comfort and style onboard The Stena Danica, a bright and spacious ship offering modern facilities to make your journey from Denmark to Sweden as relaxing and fun as possible.

Stena Danica leaving the port.
Contactless payment on board icon with credit/debit cards on a red background.
Cashless Ferries

It is no longer possible to use cash onboard our ferries from Denmark to Sweden (except for in slot machines & the casino). Only credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) or debit cards with a Maestro logo are accepted as a payment method for all onboard purchases.

Cash is still available from the ATM machines onboard Stena Danica & Stena Jutlandica.

Unfortunately, currency exchange is no longer an available service onboard.

A red exclamation mark in a light blue circle to signify safety onboard our vessels.
The safety of our customers and colleagues is our top priority

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are taking additional measures to ensure safety onboard our ferries. We continue to offer a wide range of hot & cold meals as well as beverages in our bars, cafes & restaurants. Beverages are served by the bottle, coffee by the cup filled at our beverage stations & selected meals will be served on a tray & using a buzzer system for the buffet menu.

We welcome all our passengers onboard & wish you a safe and pleasant journey.

Icon showing someone wearing a mask as part of the coronavirus restrictions
Wearing facemasks when onboard

Under Danish Government Travel Restrictions, all passengers are required by the to wear facemasks in all public areas, including public transport, retail stores & shopping centres. This also applies to our ferry terminals, ports & onboard our ferries. All passengers must therefore wear a facemask when travelling to & from Denmark. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Stena Line benefits

Why travel with Stena Line between Frederikshaven - Gothenburg?

Black check small   A pleasant, short day crossing
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 Sail direct between Denmark & Sweden
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 Modern ferries with great facilities

Take a look onboard

Before you book your trip, explore the great facilities we have onboard Stena Danica and find out what to expect using our 360° image viewer. You can move around our cabins, restaurants and public areas. 

It's a great way to see why more people choose to travel with Stena Line!

Stena Danica

Ferry type

Length 154.9 m

Year 1983/1995/2003

Max cars 550

Max passengers 2.274