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What payment methods can I use?

You’ll always get the best price when you book your trip on our website directly. Cash is accepted in our Travel Centres however it’s cheaper to book your ticket online than via the phone or in person.


Please note: If you are making a booking in the United States or Australia, please use our International booking site.


Debit and Credit Cards

Our online booking system and Contact Centres accept the following debit or credit cards:

Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, UK Maestro (UK only), Eurocard (Scandinavia only). 


Invoices and Installments - Sweden

On our Swedish site you can also pay by invoice and installments in collaboration with Captum Group AB. To be able to pay with an invoice or installments, you must be at least 18 years old, registered in Sweden/Denmark and approved in the credit check that is carried out at the time of purchase. 


Invoices: When paying against an invoice, an invoice fee of currently 39 SEK will be added. The invoice is sent via e-mail, to the address specified at the time of booking. The invoice is sent immediately after the purchase and has a 14-day payment period. Terms and conditions apply. 


Installments: If you choose this option at the time of purchase, a monthly administration fee of currently 29 SEK and a set-up fee according to the partial payment plan you have chosen will be added. Fixed partial payment only applies to the current purchase and as long as you follow the chosen plan. If you choose to pay a small amount or do not pay at all, the installment payment will be transferred to Flexible Partial Payment. The partial payment invoice is sent via e-mail around the fifth of the month and then refers to all purchases you have made during the month. Terms and conditions apply. 


Invoices and Installments - Denmark

In collaboration with Captum Group AB, which is part of Stena AB, we offer both invoice and installment plans as forms of payment. To enter into an agreement with Captum, you need to be at least 25 years of age, have a Danish civil registration number and have a population registration address. P.O. addresses, and the like, are not accepted.


Invoice – when you want to pay later

When you pay by invoice, Captum perform a credit check and credit information can be obtained. When the purchase is completed, the invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when you made your booking. The invoice due date is 14 days.

Invoice Terms & Conditions


Do you want to spread the cost over several months? There are two ways of doing it.

Fixed monthly Payments

Fixed monthly installments means that you split the payment over a certain number of months instead of paying the entire amount at once. You can choose to split your payment over 6 or 12 months. It is perfectly okay if you want to pay a lower amount than the one you chose. In that case, you change to flexible monthly installments.


Flexible monthly Payments

With flexible monthly installment, you decide for yourself which amount you pay each month (however, you must always pay the minimum amount stated on the invoice). Your purchases are collected on an invoice which is e-mailed to you in the beginning of each month, the invoice is to be paid by the end of the month.


Fixed and Flexible installments Terms & Conditions

Standard European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI)


When you choose to pay by invoice and installments, we make an assessment of your repayment ability. However, the responsibility for payment lies with the person who has applied for and been granted the credit.

In the event of late payment, a fee of 100 kr. will be charged.

You can pay the full amount due at any time and at no extra cost.

If you have any questions or want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact Captum Customer Service on or +45 96 20 02 10. Customer service is open every weekday 08.00 - 18.00.


Extra Points

If you are an Extra member and have built up points to use towards payment, you will see the points value on the payment step. You can then choose to deduct this amount and pay any remaining balance with another payment option. 


Travel e-vouchers

Travel e-vouchers can be used at the payment step where you can enter your unique voucher code in the panel provided. If there is a remaining balance, you can choose another payment method to complete your booking. 

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