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Vehicle Categories


Below outlines the various vehicles types and categories as defined by Stena Line. 


Lead vehicle - Low car


 Max length: 6m, max height, 2m & max width 2.1m.




Lead vehicle - High car


Max length: 6m, max height, 3m & max width 2.1m.


high car



Lead vehicle - Motorhome


Max length: 12m, max height, 4m & max width 2.6m.





Trailers / Caravans


Max length: 12m, max height, 4m & max width 2.6m.


On our North Sea route horseboxes containing livestock are exempt from these tariffs and must book with our freight department.


trailers and caravans



All bicycles




All 2 Wheeled Vehicles with a Motor


Trikes, sidecars and trailers are permitted.






Max length: 14m, max height, 4m & max width 2.6m.





Small Commercial Freight Vehicles (not being used for any commercial purpose. e.g. Mercedes Sprinter van) 


Max length: 6m, max height, 2.6m & max width 2.1m.


Must be booked as freight on Irish Sea routes if carrying commercial goods or equipment on any leg of a sailing.


small freight



Any vehicle type outside the Height / Length / Width Limits set-out in the passenger section above and those below.

Vehicles are considered as ‘commercial’ if they have the loading area separated from the driver’s cabin, or have two-axed trailers. One-axled trailers are considered travel vehicles.

Any vehicle carrying goods for commercial/business use must be booked as freight.