Travel to Hamburg with Stena Line

Travel to Hamburg by ferry

Take the ferry to the Hook of Holland, and from there you'll be able to travel to Hamburg with ease by rail or road. On arrival simply take the train to Rotterdam, from where you'll be able to travel on by rail to Hamburg. Alternatively, take your car onboard the ferry and drive from Hook of Holland to Hamburg in approximately five hours.

Traditional Germany architecture found in Hamburg, Northern Germany.

Hamburg is Germany's second largest city, and is best known as a business destination but also, it has plenty to offer the discerning holidaymaker. From baroque St. Michael's church to Alster Lake and Hamburg Port, there's plenty to explore when you visit the city.

The Hamburger Dom is the biggest public festival in the north of Germany. You can experience fun, nostalgia and thrills three times a year. St. Michael's church, known locally as 'Michel', is the city's most famous landmark and its 132 metre steeple offers sweeping views of the city and the harbour from the viewing platform at the top.

Visit the Model Railways Museum when visiting Hamburg.
Galleries & model railway

Hamburg has many diverse art galleries and museums which are sure to keep people with a range of interests occupied for hours on end.

A visit to the Miniature Wonderland Model Railway, the world's largest computer-controlled model railway system, or the Hamburg Kunsthalle, an eclectic exhibition and art venue whose buildings date from 1869 up until 1997.

Statue on the bow of a ship in the port of Hamburg.
Maritime Museum

Hamburg’s ancient seafaring traditions are reflected in many of its attractions. 

The International Maritime Museum covers over 3,000 years of shipping and marine history, and in the city's ‘Speicherstadt’ warehouse district you can visit the Speicherstadt Museum which provides an insight into Hamburg Port’s trading history as well as the everyday life of a docker.

Woman carrying shopping bags after a trip to Hamburg.

Hamburg's compact size makes it especially desirable for travellers who love to shop. 


Explore the Neuer Wall if you're interested in designer fare, while the Hanseviertel arcade and the Jungfernstieg offer shopping in a Hanseatic arcade and on the lakeside.

Flowers cut and ready to be sold in the parks, gardens & markets of Hamburg.
Green Hamburg

Not many people know that Hamburg is Germany's greenest city.

If you love the great outdoors, you can rest assured that a city break in Hamburg will offer you all the green and open spaces you need. Visit Alsterpark on the shores of Alster lake and take a tranquil boat ride, or visit the 'Planten und Bloomen' park with its botanical and Japanese gardens.