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Documents needed for Travelling with Stena Line

Information about the types of documents you will require for travel on our European Routes

Travel to Scandinavia

The Swedish Government have introduced controls on all its borders when entering by ferry from Continental Europe.  Anyone travelling on Stena Line ferry routes from Northern Germany, Denmark or Poland, will be obliged to submit valid identity documents for travel on ferries from these countries. These include a valid passport or identity card conforming with EU standards checked at the time of departure. These checks will be made on any person travelling on ferries, including car-drivers, foot passengers, coach-drivers and truck drivers. Children under 16 years of age can travel under their parents ID or Passport. Upon arrival at any Swedish Port, the Swedish police will make a full check of your identity documents.


In relation to Nordic citizens and those who have a residency permit to live in a Nordic country, the Swedish police have stated that it is possible to show a valid driving license or identity card issued within a Nordic country when travelling with Stena Line.  Please be informed that, Stena Line will also adapt these new rules and will carry out their own identity checks on arrival.


Instruction regarding Travel Documents on routes to and from Sweden and Norway 


Stena Line’s routes to and from the continent

On our routes between Germany and Sweden, Poland and Sweden, a passport with MRZ code, a national identity card of EU Standard, containing MRZ code or chip, issued by a national authority within the EU/EEA is required to check-in and travel.


On our routes between Latvia and Sweden and Germany and Latvia, a passport or national identity card of EU Standard, containing MRZ code or chip, issued by an authority within the EU/EEA, are the only valid travel documents.


This applies to all passengers, including children.

On Stena Line's routes between the Nordic countries

On the routes between Denmark and Sweden and Denmark and Norway, the identification documents listed below are approved for check-in and travel for citizens within the EU/EEA. For travellers from outside the EU/EEA, a passport is the only valid document. Please note, this also applies to children travelling.

  • A valid passport with an MRZ code
  • National identity card of EU Standard, containing MRZ code or chip, issued by a national authority within the EU/EEA
  • For Nordic citizens only, a valid driving license issued in a Nordic country


This applies to all passengers however children under 16 years travelling with parent/parents can travel on their parents ID:s.

With regards to organised group trips for youths such as, school classes, youth associations or youth sports teams that plan on travelling between Sweden and Denmark, please contact our Group Travel Department. (Sweden: +46 770-57 57 00, Denmark: +45 96 200 200)

Stena Line only accepts passports with regular validity and not passports with extended validity.

Travel to the UK and Ireland

If you are travelling to the United Kingdom, a valid passport or ID card is required. If you are a non EU citizen please make sure that you have all the relevant documents and visas required to travel.  If all documentation is not in order, you might be refused entry on arrival. 

For more up-to-date information, please refer to the UK Visas and Immigration website for those who needs a visa to entry the United Kingdom.