Securing your motorcycle onboard

Securing your motorcycle onboard the Stena Line ferry during your crossing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland.

Tommy Hill, British Superbike champion, shows you how to secure your motorbike when travelling with Stena Line by ferry to Holland using our simple 6 step lashing process.

Motorcyclist arriving onboard the car deck of our ferry to Holland
Step 1

Park your motorcycle in the designated area as normal using your kickstand.

Motorcyclist preparing ratchet straps to secure his motorcycle onboard.
Step 2

Take a motorcycle rachet lashing strap and hook it to the car-deck.

Using the ratchet straps and the securing rings on the car deck to steady your motorcycle during the crossing.
Step 3

Pass the lashing ratchet straps over your saddle.

Secure the lashing strap to the rings provided on the car deck.
Step 4

Hook the ratchet lashing strap into the other side of the car-deck.

Tighten the ratchet strap to secure the motorcycle properly.
Step 5

Tighten the ratchet lashing strap until there is sufficient tension to hold the motorcycle securely in-place.

Check that your motorcycle is secure.
Step 6

Check that your motorcycle is secure.