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Explore Lübeck and discover the heart of vibrant northern Germany

Built in the 16th–18th centuries, the Salzspeicher (salt storehouses) of Lübeck, Germany, stored salt to be shipped to the Baltic region.
Explore Lübeck

Lübeck is a charming medieval town in Northern Germany with century-old architecture and fascinating museums. The annual summer Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival is reason alone to visit but there are plenty of other activities in Lübeck to delight travellers.

The medieval ambience found in Lübeck draws thousands of visitors annually, all keen to explore the landmarks like the 15th century fortification Holsten Gate, St. Mary's Church; the first gothic-style brick building  and Buddenbrooks House, home to the Thomas Mann Centre. There are also museums dedicated to two of Lübeck's more recent sons, Günter Grass and Willy Brandt.

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Travel to Lübeck

If you choose to explore Lübeck with Stena Line, then your holiday starts as soon as you step onboard the ferry to Holland.

From Hook of Holland it takes approximately five and a half hours to drive to Lübeck through the picturesque Dutch and northern German countryside. Also, you can take the train to Lübeck from Hook of Holland via Rotterdam.

Lübeck is the best example of medieval architecture in northern Germany
Lübeck's Entertainment

If you time your visit to Lübeck carefully, you can enjoy one of its most famous events; the annual summer Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, a musical delight set in many of the country estates, churches and manor houses throughout the area.

Enjoy the wonderful array of restaurants, cafes and shops you'll find in the city, from souvenir stores selling the city's famous Rotspon wine and Lübecker Marzipan to traditional restaurants serving local specialities.

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Attractions to visit

Lübeck's long history is enshrined in its fantastic array of museums, with the Castle Monastery Cultural Forum paying homage to this important medieval abbey, and the impressive gothic St Anne's Museum, a former home for Augustinian nuns, showcasing ancient ecclesiastical artifacts.

Explore the history of marzipan at one of Lübeck's top attractions, Marzipan Land, the best place to purchase some of this local specialty.