Happy the Porpoise

Join us onboard and meet our mascot, HAPPY!

Happy is a cute, cuddly porpoise who loves to sing, dance, play & spend time with his friends.

our mascot Happy meeting children onboard
When can you meet HAPPY?

HAPPY play areas are always open. You'll find the cuddly toy version of HAPPY in our onboard shops as well as educational toys. On selected ferries, you can also purchase HAPPY at sea meals.

Here's when you can dance and sing with HAPPY:
Hook of Holland - Harwich
Stena Britannica & Stena Hollandica: during holidays

Happy at Sea mascot
The HAPPY saga story

One day, HAPPY heard a sound that made him very curious. He swam off with his magic fin, racing up towards the surface. But just as he arrived, he heard something behind him. It was the evil crab king Caesar...What will happen with HAPPY?


Meet the happiest porpoise in the whole sea.


Meet Happy's best friend.

King Caesar

He's not always grumpy.

Kids sitting drawing pictures
Colour & Play Download

Get creative and colourful! Here you can download and print colouring sheets for your children.

drawing of Happy, our mascot, Seastar and King Caesar
HAPPY Cuddly Toy

Kids love hugging HAPPY onboard, but now they can also hug from home. For every HAPPY you buy, we'll donate €1 to our charity partner Mercy Ships.

Children dancing and having fun
Sing & Dance with HAPPY

Why not come & join HAPPY whn you're onboard! You & your kids can meet HAPPY, watch his show, sing & dance with him. The kids can enjoy playtime with our colouring books & pencils, sticky tattoos & some lucky sailors could even win special gifts & giveaways.